Where is Spring?

I have been back home for a week playing catch up from our trip down south.  We were watching our youngest grandson while his parents were away.  What a great time, but exhausting.  We returned and the house still had not sold.  We are now on four short lists while the buyers try and sell their homes.  Dominoes…. hit one and they all sell!

My biggest question is …. where is Spring?

lilacs_small_framedDon’t be fooled.  These are from last year.  By this time last year these were in full bloom.  No sign of them yet.  In the Carolina’s the Wisteria was already in full bloom.  Everything was in full bloom and I arrived home expecting I had missed our spring.  In truth, it had not yet arrived.  Instead, we experienced heavy rains and flooding.

lilacs2_small_framedI have spotted some robins and finch, but… I am not sure they ever left this year.

robin_smaI hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring or fall where ever you are.

2 thoughts on “Where is Spring?

  1. Good luck with your buyers! My friend sold with a contingency on another house sale and it expired after 6 months. 2 weeks later someone else bought it. Have faith!

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