Sunday Post 2013 – Entrance

Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post this week is about Entrances.  Select the link to see how others interpret.


I love photos of doors or paintings of doors.  This one has the subtle colors, the dappling light and the patina of age.  The church this belongs to is in downtown Indianapolis.


This door offers entry into one of the educational buildings on a campus in Boston.  I don’t remember which campus…  that’s terrible, but it was a few years back.

entrance_quadI love this arched entry to one of the campus quads…also in Boston.

entrance_clubI believe this was the same trip, but a different city.  This is the entrance to the Ida Lewis Yacht club in Newport, RI.  Easy to remember because it is labeled.


Also located in Boston I can’t believe I didn’t take more photos of this lovely location.  The only answer can be that I was with my husband and he is not as interested in catching the fine details and more into mass consumption.

Now, off to watch the basketball game.  Go Duke!

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