Sunday Post – Sentimental Value

sunday-post-logo-2013-120-x-100Oh, Jake, this week’s Sunday Post topic – Sentimental Value really hits home.  There is nothing that brings sentimentality to the surface than moving.  We built our home.  Our kids laugh at memories of visiting daily and sweeping, picking up the builders trash, straightening up.  This house lived through many, many major birthday parties, graduations and grandchildren.  It has seen its share of sadness, too.  Returning home was always a welcome comfort even when having to leave loved ones.  Soon we will be leaving…

Today we are in the middle of what I am assuming is the last snow I will see in this house.    Our yard has always looked beautiful with a coating of snow.


Our garden is much loved by the neighborhood birds, squirrels and assorted other wildlife.

birthday gardenMy garden has developed over the years.  It includes my perennial favorites, cone flowers, peonies, day lilies, knock out roses and more.  The garden has brought me much joy over the years.  I will miss watching the humming birds bicker and swipe at each other over feeder rights.

small porch2_edited-1Sitting on our back porch looking out on the garden, putting together puzzles with grandchildren, laughing with friends, reading quietly with camera at hand… waiting… watching.  Since the decision to move closer to family, we have been on huge mass of Sentimentality. Going through photos, boxes in the attic, baby clothes. H.S. letter jackets, and everything else that has been sitting in the attic for years.

Through this selling process I have a difficult time removing the sentimental value from the real value.  None of the buyers walk into the yard and see 26 years of planting, pruning and planning.  Right now they see winter non growth.  They see privacy, but they don’t see we planted the evergreen trees and watched them grow along with the bushes that give us a natural privacy.  The hummingbirds aren’t here to peer at them curiously through the screen.  Will they even think to feed the cardinals and other backyard regulars that we think depend on us?  I think I need to get off this sentimental journey and go pack some more boxes.  Thanks, Jake.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Sentimental Value

  1. Hello Nana Tee…I’m so honored to connect with you via Jake’s Sunday Post and honored to have you share this difficult leave-taking with us. Yes, you are so right…it is hard to leave treasured places…but moving closer to family will be a great reward. And I do understand exactly what you mean about the prospective buyers not knowing what you put into the place. Your garden is unbelievably beautiful…and the picture of the bird bath in the middle of the snow-blanketed grove sings of serenity and peace. Thank you.:)

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  4. I have a habit of becoming very sentimental over – well just about everything. When we last moved I took a moment in the empty house and struggled. As I approached heart-wrenching sentimentality I stopped myself and told myself that the memories live in me, that I carry them with me always. Then I was able to get up, walk out the door and close it behind me with a smile on my face.

    • Lynne, you are so right. Strangely enough, the last house we lived in I left without even looking over my shoulder. This one I know will be different, but it is because I’m not only leaving the house, I’m leaving the area I have lived the longest. When asked where I grew up, I won’t necessarily say Iowa any longer, I have probably done more growing up here than anywhere.

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to share.

      • I remember when I was young thinking that answers automatically came with age. I thought moms and dads knew it all. LOL! I am still learning that isn’t true. What a rude awakening!

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