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It’s time again for Tagged from Flickr Comments – this time it is L.

Lion_sun_smWell I just told you in my sharing entry that I loved zoos… so you knew there would be a lion.

lemur_smAnd maybe a ring tailed Lemur.

lily_smAnd a lily… water lily… still an L right?

I found these all at the same place.  The Indianapolis Zoo.  Such a great place to visit with or without a camera.

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9 thoughts on “Tagged L – Flickr Comments

    • Their beady eyes really don’t look real. They are also hard to capture without looking blurry or really fake. These lemurs are so cute. They stay and play out on an island that you get to by walking on a path of stones that are just above water level. A trainer has to lead them across because turtles like to sit on the stones and the turtles scare them. They are fun to watch as they play and terrorize each other. This was an unusual moment.

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    • The Lemurs are very amusing. But your cat would NOT be amused if you even hinted that they were in any way related. (Although the way the lemurs chase around it does remind me of how cats can be when they are in what I call the “spastacat” stage of their development or around light beams.

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