Share Your World 2013 – Week 12

It’s question time again with Cee’s Share Your World.

When anniversary’s of unhappy times pop up, how do you handle them and what makes you turn your mood (attitude) around?

Unhappy is a vague term to me.  There have been stressful times, tense times, sad times, but unhappy… that one is harder for me to remember.   The saddest time I can think of was when my father died, but by the time he died it was a blessing.  It isn’t something I think about on the anniversary of his death.  Thoughts of him come up at random times and I tend to focus on the uplifting stories or the funny stories or things that say something about him as a person.


Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person?

No contest, I am a zoo person.  I love the zoo.  I have spent many happy hours wandering the paths with my camera.

small rhino1_fr

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

For the longest time I was 27 in my head.  I could never figure out why I had stopped there.  I kept expecting to mature and become a full fledged adult, but I no longer think that will ever happen with me.  I would have to say my mind is around 38… my body? eh!

Are you left or right handed?

I am proud to announce I am ambidextrous with a lean to the left.


8 thoughts on “Share Your World 2013 – Week 12

  1. Nice post! I love cats, I love goats and I absolutely love dogs!! and yes I am a zoo person too but really I love to see them in the wild:)
    PS; Great pictures! I loved the first one:)

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