Sunday Post 2013 – Bay

This week’s theme for Sunday Post 2013 is Bay.  Because it is St. Patrick’s Day I was thinking more in terms of green, so I was surprised to see this.  But, as I thought about it, I became thrilled with the theme.  I knew exactly what photos I wanted to share.  Normally, I try to keep it to one or two photos, but this was an adventure.


This adventure started in the early hours with a jaunt in Auke Bay in Juneau, Alaska.  I had booked a whale watching photo tour.

boat1_smIt was no surprise when the first boat we saw as we were going out was the Morning Light.  How poetic…  It seemed strange that the whole time we were in Alaska I had never seen the sky dark, but this morning it actually seemed like early morning and the dawn just breaking… it must have been the fog hadn’t burned off yet.

similarboat2frThe boat I was in was not one of the big whale watching boats that can be seen all around the area.  This boat held fewer people and was very close to water level.  The captain could go wherever the whales led him.  Unlike this boat, we were all pretty much standing and trying to establish good positioning with our cameras.

orca close up_frWe were barely out of the harbor and into the bay when our first Orca was spotted.  The captain hadn’t seen this particular orca in awhile.  He recognized the notches on his fin.

twoorcas_sm_frOn the backside of the boat we saw more of the pod.  Looks like the male Orca had been out starting a family.  It was interesting in the boat.  Photographers, none of us professional in any way, were going from one side of the boat to the other trying to get a good shot.  The orcas  went under the boat… and everyone paused … no JAWS music, so it seemed we were safe.  They came up on the other side… very close to the boat.  We were like 5 year olds.  It was so exciting.    We followed them out in the bay looking for the bigger whales.

buoy1_sm_frWe smelled the buoy before we paid it any attention… our eyes were focused on the water surface.  It smelled like a barnyard.  We had been warned that you can smell the whales when they around, but this wasn’t the whales….   I bet you can figure out who the smelly creatures are.

eagles roostIt wasn’t him.  I don’t know how he could stand being so close.

humback tail1_fr

We didn’t see much of the humpback whales.  We saw some tail slapping, some blowholes, a little bit of surfacing, but for the most part, we could smell them, too, much better than we saw them.  That same day one of the humpbacks sidled up to one of the big boats and was checking it out.  I guess he gave them a huge thrill.

harbor viewComing back in, the harbor view was amazing.

worker trio_sm_frSeeing the fishing boats and their reflection on the water was a sight, too.  It was a memorable morning… one I would love to repeat… with better lens!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post 2013 – Bay

    • I would recommend anytime anywhere someone can go on a whale watching cruise, do it! They are amazing. The rest of the trip was amazing, too, but this was very special.

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