Lingering Look at Windows – Week 9

Although on airplanes I tend to like the aisle seats… the windows always draw my eyes.  Whether it’s a mesmerizing sunset, or the lure of cotton soft clouds, or maybe, the twinkly lights of a small town below, the view is always fascinating.  So, when my sil and I went to Alaska a few years back, I knew I wanted a window seat for sure.  Alaska in the summer doesn’t have twinkly lights.  Alaska in the summer has vivid green everywhere all day/night long.

plane_window_Alaska_smThe greens were amazing and the rivers snaked across the landscape muddy with glacier melt.

plane_window_Alaska_2smallThe trees and bushes seemed etched into the flatness of the land.

plane_window_Alaska_3_smAs we got closer to Fairbanks, the rivers became bluer and the trees grew closer to the wheels of the plane.  Out the window I saw the shadow of our plane and it looked so small.

plane_window_alaska_4_smAnd within minutes the shadow and the ground meet.  We were in Alaska.


11 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows – Week 9

    • I saved for a long time for the trip. My sister-in-law and I went together. We did the land and sea cruise. We both had the best time. It was a good way to do it because the trip was paid for before we left and we didn’t spend a huge amount of money out of pocket. It was worth every penny.

  1. What an amazing landscape!! Alaska is on my wishlist, maybe someday I will be able to see that scenery!! Thanks for following my journey!! You have a lovely blog here, so I will definitely be visiting it again!!

    • Thank you. I am sure with all the places you have been, and are going. that Alaska will be a destination. I loved every minute of it except riding draft horses across the Tundra… not as romantic as it sounded. I love following your travels. It reminds me of my dreams when I was younger. It’s funny the paths your life follows. Looking forward to your visits.

    • Alaska was wild and beautiful. It is so untouched in comparison to the rest of the 50 states. And then there was that Land of the Midnight Sun thing going on. You have to have blackout curtains. It was invigorating.

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