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I was waiting for the letter K.   Knitting is something I do quite a bit.  I knit while I listen to books, I knit while I watch movies, I knit while I ride in a car.  I don’t knit sweaters, or hats or even scarves.  I knit blankets.  I love to create patterns and use lots of color.  And then, I give them away.

sm baby blanket squares3I love the play of the pattern of the shadow on the pattern of the knit stitch.

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11 thoughts on “Tagged K – Flikr Comments

    • Thank you,. The beauty of knitting is that the person who is being gifted is thought of through out the whole process. The blessings are knitted in to the fabric.

    • I am blessed with a manageable amount of ADD. I don’t like to just sit. For example… I am editing photos right now and listening to an audio book. When I really need to focus I turn it off, but for the most part I can do both. I always told my students with ADD they should make it work for them. Strangely enough, I taught a couple of my students how to knit because they could listen better when their hands were busy. It always worked for me and it worked for them, too.

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