Weekly Photo Challenge – Neighborhood

This Friday was supposed to be a phoneography photo, but… my neighborhood is not going to be my neighborhood soon, so I took a little different spin.  Our backyard has been one of the highlights of our years in this house.  Watching the dance of the sparrows, the bright colors of the cardinals and blue jays, the curiosity of the hummingbirds and the training grounds for our local hawk family.  So of course, my choice was one of my many bird photos.


Don’t they look like they are all neighbors hanging out and exchanging gossip?
It will be interesting to see what birds gather in our new neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Neighborhood

  1. How lovely! love it.
    I tried to take a similar shot with my camera — last week I had blue warblers sitting on a snow covered branch. It was just perfect for a black and white picture. But alas I could not capture the scene with all the birds perched on different banches with any of the lenses I had.

    • Thank you. I think this was my AF-Nikkor 18 – 105. It’s usually the one I keep on my camera most. And although I sometimes keep my tripod up in my kitchen (in case the hawk comes through) I’m pretty sure I was holding it. I take a lot of these and am thankful for digital. Many don’t work.

    • Ah, You read my mind. I was wondering if anyone would pick it up. I remember last time this happened. I was working at a Catholic school and everyone was on pins and needles. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this time.

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