Sunday Post 2013 – Captivating

This is my first time posting for the Sunday Post 2013.  I came across it while admiring some of the beautiful photography that is out there on the blogs.  This Sunday the topic is Captivating.  Looking through my photos I decided to take the word literally.  What is more captivating than a spider’s web?


This particular web was located at the Indianapolis White River Gardens which is attached to their wonderful zoo.  If you have never visited put it on your list.  It is a fantastic zoo and garden all year round.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Post 2013 – Captivating

    • Thank you. It is a photograph that I have done some layering techniques. One of the programs I like to use is Photoscape which is a free download on the internet.

    • Thank you. Nice to meet you, too. I was just browsing through some pages of yours. I like your “little less mainstream” approach. Much more interesting. It was those types of views that first got me into blogging over 10 years ago and I have made many lasting friends.

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