Weekly Travel Theme: Roads

Where’s my backpack has a new travel theme this week and it’s roads!  I immediately loved this one.  Roads have so many different looks.

This road was taken very close to the covered bridge in an earlier photo.  I loved the overgrown look it had.  With a couple layers of color and some back lighting it turned into road that fairy creatures might travel.


The road actually disappears right around the corner.


This road brings back a day filled with laughter and fear.  There is a back road to Jerome, AZ from Phoenix.  I had to look for my I Survived t-shirt to remember the name of the highway.  It’s Historic 89A.  There are 158 curves in 12 miles. Otherwise known as the Mingus Mountain Drive.  I drove it with my sister-in-law riding shotgun.  I have never laughed so much.  She doesn’t like roller coasters… even kiddie roller coasters.  And this road is like a roller coaster except you are always going up.  Sitting shotgun also puts you on the outside rim.  I was only going 35 mph… but I think it might have been a 15-20 mph zone in areas.  She was stomping on some imaginary brake on her side alot.  I laughed and drove and she … I can’t even remember … I think she enjoyed some of it because the vistas were amazing.  Anyway, it was a wonderful road to traverse and I would do it again in a heartbeat….she probably wouldn’t.  She wouldn’t even let me buy her a “I survived historic 89A” t-shirt and she is one of the best sports I know.   [I am smiling and chuckling the whole time I am typing this… such fun times.]

I was going to do a couple more, but that is such a great memory… I’m going to end it there.  Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Roads

  1. I was chuckling when I read this too! You guys remind me of my sister and I; the only problem is that I’m the one screaming while Joy is laughing! 😀 Great pictures!

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