Quotes – C.S. Lewis

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.  – C.S. Lewis

I find myself on Pinterest quite a bit.  Interestingly enough, I am on it for my job.  If you have been on Pinterest you know that quotes are a big thing.  When I saw this one I actually read it wrong the first time.  I  didn’t think I agreed with the quote I thought I read and as the day went along I was mentally writing this entry.  Of course when I got home and started writing I realized… I didn’t read it correctly.  Oh, well, maybe you can try and follow along and see if you can figure out my skewed logic anyway.


This is me in first grade.  If you had told me then that there were better things ahead than behind I would probably have agreed.  In my short life I had learned never to cut my bangs by myself ever again, feeding my baby brother black licorice wasn’t funny to everyone, how to ride a 26″ J.C. Higgins bike, how to count to 1,000 and that you can hide the liver under the mashed potatoes because nobody insists that you eat all of your mashed potatoes before you can leave the table.  The world was full of potential.

Things just got better and better until it seemed they couldn’t get any better.


My youngest son was three and so sweet and precious.  At the stage where you don’t want them to grow any older and just stay sweet and innocent and not become the boy that takes pride in his spitting ability, loves to discuss body functions and names his farts (yes, they do that… and you can find out about these things if you are not on the phone when carpooling.)  I wanted to keep him at the age when he still thought I hung the moon and my voice sounded like angels.  (At five he asked me not to sing anymore… not even a please.)  Later I was subjected to big sighs and eye rolling… and in his teens he dubbed me the Warden because I kept very close tabs on him and wanted to know where he was, who he was with and what were they doing.  I am still the Warden… at his wedding my place card said “The Warden.”  Now that name brings a smile.    These were the years when I would have thought…. maybe Lewis didn’t have any sons so didn’t know the whole story.  As I mentioned, he married and we love his wife… things were looking up again.  Then they settled down too far away…. sigh.

And then………

graham11_16_10_1bw blue

My number nine grandchild was born.  My baby’s baby.  He is wonderful.  He picked his own names for us.  PopPop and Nana.  He is 2  1/2 now and skypes with us.  He is nearing that precious age when you don’t want them to grow any older and just stay that sweet age.  And the other day I saw a sweet picture my baby posted on his FaceBook page.  It showed my little grandson playing with his matchbox cars and my son had written… “I don’t want him to grow any older than this.”

[I realize that C.S. Lewis was most likely not referring to people, but rather to things.]


4 thoughts on “Quotes – C.S. Lewis

  1. Reminds me of a Taylor Swift song “Never Grow Up.” And yes, I’m full grown. Also odd that we just finished eating liver and mashed potatoes, and my son scrunched his nose up at it. He didn’t know your trick.

    • Tell your son I have more “hide the liver” tricks up my sleeve. My mother insisted it was good for us. Too bad she couldn’t cook. Yuck! Thanks for stopping and dropping a note.

  2. I’ve come across this quote often and always felt that Lewis was looking at time in a forward motion, as something joyful. Such as with time we get better…with time we develop an essence that is unique…with time we become seasoned with all that adds up to richness, so I’ve always interpreted his meaning of ahead as being richer than before. Thank you for sharing a part of your life. I love your photographic eye 🙂

    • I would have to agree with you. At the time I read it I was in a reflective mood regarding my family and took the whole trip down memory lane. And it was/is joyful. And I agree, with age and, hopefully, wisdom, we learn what battles are important and what to let go. We learn to make the most of the quiet moments where time tends to move more slowly. Our life is not as full of children, places to go and things to do. We can sit still and watch a grandchild play for hours and take pleasure in their every accomplishment. We have the time and the patience.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop and comment. It’s nice to hear a voice. And thanks, too, for the compliment.

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