Moving – Leaving old friends…


This photo was taken this afternoon just when the snow was starting to stick.  I was out visiting the ladies.  It didn’t seem that long ago they were just girls.  We built this house.  Watched it go up, swept the floors every day after the workers left.  Our boys picked the trash out of the yard left by the workers.  We watched every step of the process … and then it was ours.

We had been in the house a year when we decided to landscape to give ourselves some privacy.  Part of the landscaping were three 7′ pines.  When they put them in the ground I was sure they were only 5′ tall and I remember saying so.  Just to prove me wrong, they grew fast.  It was then I was sure these trees were feminine.  In fact I always refer to them as the three ladies.  With their long elegant limbs all bedecked in their fine pine cones.  They dance with the wind, give shelter to the baby rabbits, hold nests for the young birds and have given me years of  joy.  I will miss them.

Who will shake the heavy snow off their branches when I leave?


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