Photo Editing – Learning as I go…


Purdue Farm on River Road

If  I have learned anything on the Internet, I have learned that there are a lot of very talented people out there. When they look at each other’s work they speak respectfully and intelligently.  For the most part, these same people are ready to share information and experiences to help others develop their own abilities.  I find that so encouraging.  I thank all of those photographers and bloggers out there that have shared bits of their wisdom and helped me along the way.

I have carried a camera in my hand, around my neck, in my purse or car for as long as I can remember.  Pre-digital days I spent more than I would care to admit to develop mediocre photos.  The good news is they revolved around kids and their activities and they are thrilled with any photos of themselves.  My youngest child used to refer to me as the paparazzi long before it became such an infamous label.


[Same photo run through Adobe Digital Editions and Photoscape one of my favorite free downloads from the web.  I made this photo into note cards of places around town.]

With digital came the freedom to make mistakes, view your pictures, and retake.  Everyone became better photographers.  Digital also made editing easier.  In my opinion, it gave the less experienced photographer more options.  I consider myself a less experienced photographer in that I have no training other than point and shoot and reading articles and blogs online.  But I have learned how to crop and do some essential skills using Adobe Digital Editions and sometimes Photoscape.


Now that I am an empty-nester and have no children to follow up after, I have more time to dabble in my photography and traipse across the country side, or to the zoo, or find a garden.  Then I come home to discover and enhance or just play with the photos I have captured.  Sometimes there might only be one worth showing… other times I surprise myself and there are quite a few.


Sometimes it is nothing more than adding a layer of drama to a shot.  Deepen a shadow, add a little texture , a little contrast and then you can feel the heat of the day as it was when you took the photo in the quiet sunlight of the countryside.


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