Meet George Jetson

jetson_face_timeGrowing up in the 60’s was special.  I’m showing my age, but my family had one of the first color television sets in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t that we had a lot of money, but I think my dad would have been a real techie if he was around today.  That and he worked for a tv antenna company.  Also in the 60’s was the cartoon The Jetsons.  I wanted to be Judy.  I would have even been Elroy if it meant I could have a video phone.  It’s a shame I couldn’t watch the show in slow motion because there were so many neat tech toys.  And the flying cars!  I wanted one of those, too.  Meals ready at the touch of a button (micro-wave?), dog walks (tread mills), robot maids (what are those little vacuum sweepers that sweep on their own?)

Back to the video phones… I have one!  Face Time!!!  I guess you could include Skype in that, too.  I wondered back in the day how you protected yourself from being caught in an awkward situation. Now I know.  You put your phone face down and under no circumstances do you ever look down into a face time conversation unless the sharpei

shar peilook is good for you or you want to get rid of the person on the other end of the call.

The other night my husband and I were driving home from dinner and my phone rang.  I finally got a car with Bluetooth and am thrilled that I can talk hands free.  I’m hardly ever in the car, but still.  I answered, but there was a problem so my husband picked up my phone and looked.  It was face time…. in a car…. what?  I thought you had to have a network connection on both ends to do face time.  Wow!  So my husband accepted the face time call and proceeded to entertain our youngest grand child as we drove down the road.  We had great reception, no glitches at 35-40 miles per hour down the road.  (I know this because it just so happens that I got pulled over for the first time in many years and my children and grandchild were whooping it up as they watched it happen live.)  How embarrassing!  No ticket… just a warning.  But!  How could I have been getting George Jetson technology in my Venza?  Can the Venza fly, too?  Oh, I hope so!!!


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