Wintery wishes…

winter  Like much of the Midwest  we have icy, cold weather.  Schools experienced delays or closings.  The library, though, was open for business.  The picture at left was taken from one of the library windows before we opened this morning.  I used my iPhone camera and then using the filters provided in Instagram, ran it through the “earlybird” filter with the sunlight button on.    I love my iPhone.

Much as I love my job, on days like today (especially when they fall on Friday) I would rather be home reading or listening to a book and knitting.  I was reading a couple of blogs last night and noticed someone was reading a book on Kindle and knitting…. wow!  knit_blanket Although I love watching/listening to television while I knit, I couldn’t read and knit together.  My latest project is one of the Mason Dixon blanket designs.  I am using the Rowan denim cotton in blue and cream.  It’s an easy pattern and lends itself easily to multi-tasking.

On my nightstand is The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan.  It was touted to be like movie The Group with Candice Bergen.  I redbookremember the movie…. and this book is similar…. if you stretch it a bit.

On my iPod is The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  I love Kate Morton.  Sometimes she drives me crazy.  She will be right at the point when she is going to disclose a key element in the story and then she changes characters and scenes….. grrrrrr!  But when it all comes keepertogether you are so happy she did it her way.

My shows I watch while knitting are usually Downton Abbey, Scandal, Elementary and Smash… to name just a few…

I’m home now and I’m going to knit!


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